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I guess you would like to know a little bit about the person making all these proclamations upon good taste and horrid characters. I'm Andrea and when I was 15 I fell in love. An hour after meeting "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I was forever altered in the way only love can, and I never questioned for one minute afterwards that television offered me an amazing chance to experience lives and moments that I could never imagine. So now, when I'm not getting distracted by my real life, I write about TV. I also read, am finishing a Master's degree in English Literature, travel, am attempting to learn vegan cooking, am the 5th of 6 children, and drive my roommate nuts by constantly cleaning our already clean apartment. Now that we're old friends, time for you to take my opinions as the be all and end all.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Info

Okay, KP asked me a question. I mention Kristin all the time, and I thought I had made it clear who she it, but I am mistaken. This is not a person that I know in real life, though I hope someday to meet her. I also hope to have a job similar to hers. She has a page on the E! Network website ( and it is called "Watch With Kristin." It is in the drop down menu under "Gossip." My friend Lauren clued me into her site. Kristin is the television correspondent for the E! Network, so on her page are interviews with TV actors/actresses, show producers and creators, information on upcoming plotlines, recaps of the previous evening's shows, and coverage from TV sets and TV related events. She is a bit enthusiastic for my taste (translation, she likes many shows I cannot stand), but she always has funny interviews, and the latest news. I check her page probably half a dozen times a day. The stuff I think is really important I have been passing along, but if you are like me and cannot stand not knowing what is going to happen next, (or want to know about shows I am ignoring) this is where I get all my information. Reading Kristin is a set part of my morning routine, right after my e-mail, my bank account, and right before the NY Times.


Asiankp said...

Sweet. Another great reading material for the gloomy day. and when I speak of gloomy days, i mean everyday at work...

The TV Girl said...

I know, I know, working is the pits (and not the adopted from poor nations kind).