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Friday, March 7, 2008

Lipstick Jungle (6): I Warn You, God Might Strike Me Down.

It would never work between then long-term, and it is utterly ridiculous for me to think this way, but I am totally rooting for Kirby and Nico. I am sure as retribution for this, someday I will be cheated on, and where will all my infidelity-encouraging be then? But this woman spends her entire day with sharks and bottom-feeders: people who are either making her job impossible or who want her job. Her husband ignores her, and while I am kind of endorsing the adultery here, I do not buy into the “he/she cheated first, that makes it okay for me” justification. And we all know Nico’s husband is cheating, but she did not know when she started the affair (in fact at this point she has vague suspicions that she has not even vocalized yet). Wait, back to my point. Her husband is self-absorbed (not in a narcissistic way) and inattentive. And then there is this dude, whom from her perspective is just a kid, with all the sincerity and hope only twenty-five year olds are capable of. He pays attention to her with only a limited agenda, listen to what she wants (her rules), assents to her wishes (going on the date with the actress), but doesn’t let her push him around (refusing to go on another date). I know the show is glamorizing adultery, I know in my heart that I believe infidelity is wrong, but I cannot help it; I have been suckered into seeing this relationship as more functional than her marriage and I want her to be happy. (Tangent: this is the opposite reaction I have to all things Grey’s Anatomy. I hope all those people stew in their own self-made misery and then possibly fed to blackbirds.) I can’t believe I am trying to justify this. I should stop now while I have a shred of credibility left.

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