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Friday, March 14, 2008

Reaper (6): Happy To See It Back.

One of my coworkers called this show “freetarded Buffy.” I did not have the energy at the time to disagree with him, and as time goes on I realize that it is not worth it to do so. Reaper is not nearly as good as Buffy, but I find it immensely entertaining, so take that guy who isn’t reading this.

Jamie Kennedy’s parody of Jack Black’s Dewey Finn from School of Rock was without a doubt the best part of my yesterday. The depths of pathetic that is the rock-and-roll-dream makes for comic gold. A guy like that, who allows his delusions of talent to alienate his wife and make him willing to sell his soul to the Devil, deserves to get his hand bitten off by a cannibalistic escaped soul.

And poor little Sock. It is finally time for him to grow up, and I foresee this being awkward and hilarious. It is sad times when not only to we have to see our parents as human beings, but that they see us as adults.

Sorry to complain, but could someone light a fire under Miss Andi? I do not think Missy Peregrym is an untalented girl, but she is showing about as much enthusiasm for her role as wet toast. An extra cup of coffee, something more to do as a character, electric shock, anything to wake this girl up so that I stop falling asleep every time she appears onscreen.

And while I am complaining, I am not a big fan of the new timeslot. First of all, I really despise networks for moving things around all the time, it makes it very hard to establish a rut, I mean routine. Second, Reaper in my Supernatural timeslot just doesn’t work. The lighter side of evil is great for early in the week, but by the time Thursday rolls around I need something a little meatier. I see a direct correlation between how exhausted I am and how dark of a show I need. I could completely get on board with a Monk/Psych type relationship; Reaper would be a descent show to lead into Supernatural. (Okay, please do not point out that it would be an opposite structuring, since Monk is the serious show and Psych is the silly show, I am aware.)

I wish Sam’s girlfriend was not going to turn out to be nuts. I kind of like her (and see above for my opinion on the other love interest).

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