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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Closer (6): One More "Strong Career Women with Messed Up Personal Life" Show

It's Super Bowl Sunday, but I'm not interested. The Patriots have had such a good season that people are rooting for the Giants just because they are the other team. It all smacks of sour grapes on both sides to me. I choose to stay out of it.

Instead I have been enjoying the marathons other networks offer to attract any viewers at all. I have never seen The Closer before, and never had any real interest in it, but when there is no break between episodes (the end credits play on a split screen with the opening scene of the next episode) I find myself powerless to watch anything else. (I spent Memorial Day 2005 watching twelve straight episodes of Law and Order with a friend. One of my top five days of all time.) As day fades into evening, I have two questions: why the garish lipstick, and why the accent?

When someone answers these two questions I will write a real review of this show. Until then, you will all be deprived of my opinion.

Hope your team wins.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

The show should be called
Kyra Sedgwick: Time for Retirement?
And for the record, this Super Bowl game is probably one of the most boring games ever. It's the third quarter: Patriots 7, Giants 3. What is this, a baseball game?

The TV Girl said...

If it was baseball their would be more steroids involved. At least there would be some good fights. Kyra deserves her accolades for getting any of her lines out with a straight face.

Luke said...

I liked the title to this, and it leads to further considerations... why has there been a plethora of "stong women with messed up personal life" shows (I drop 'career', but perhaps I shouldn't)?

Let us list (off the top of my head): Buffy; Alias; Damages; Saving Grace; The Closer; Dark Angel; Terminator; Bionic Woman; Grey's Anatomy; Dirt; even 30 Rock...

No real comment on good or bad with this, but just an interesting trend I wondered if you had a take on it...

The TV Girl said...

I think that "career" part of it is important, because Buffy was a teenager with a calling, no way she wouldn't have a messed up life, but I think there are even more of these types of shows than you listed. There is even a new one starting soon called "In Plain Sight" on the USA network (I know this because they advertise it during Psych). You could probably add all the CSIs, Law and Orders, and those types of shows to it. I think I will have to ponder and post about this issue, it really bugs me.