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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fictional Throwdown: Back-Up

There are people in your life that support you through anything: family and friends mostly. They are there to help you tackle your demons, and once that is done, they annoy the living daylights out of you to the point where your demons look like the better option. No man is an island, so though Sam and Peter are the two competitors, (and this is not really a team situation) each has a network of people watching out for them. When playing the what-if game, one should take advantage of all the possibilities; therefore what kind of aid is available to our two boys if the need arose?

The First Competitor: Sam Winchester

Maybe I am being unfair by sending Sam into a fight by himself, because in the end Sam is part of a team. Sam and Dean’s respective strengths and weaknesses compliment each other. Dean would actually be more adept at handling things on his own; he hunted by himself for a time while Sam was in college. But in comparison to Sam, Dean is an ordinary person. He has all of the same physical skills but he does not have any of the meta-natural powers that Sam has. What Dean does have, that has helped Sam out of many a tight spot, is resilience. No matter how bad a situation looks, no matter how beaten they seem, Dean keeps fighting. And more than anything, what he fights for is Sam; the quickest way to die on Supernatural is the threaten Sam. Furthermore, Dean is a more instinctual person. He is willing to suspend questions of right and wrong until the job is done. He would not worry that Peter, or anyone aiding Peter, is human (not an evil creature to be hunted) if Sam were in danger. Dean’s, shall we say, ardor makes for a slightly off-kilter psyche but I would defiantly want him as an ally rather than an adversary. Bobby and Ellen would do some damage as well.

The Second Competitor: Peter Petrelli

Given Peter’s power of absorption, I have to ask whether Peter would need help were it available? Anyone who would help Peter would not have an ability Peter does not already possess. But as I mentioned in “Personal Attributes” Peter cannot always remain in control of his various powers simultaneously, therefore he might need some back-up. The constantly shifting alliances on Heroes make it difficult for me to say who would fight for Peter. Nathan is a given, he proved at the end of Season One he will do what is right out of love for Peter, but all that Nathan could do would be to fly Peter out of the situation, but that would be grounds for disqualification. If Hiro fights for Peter then he could stop time, and reconfigure the situation. Claire would be most useful as a living shield, but I would hope Peter would be better than to use her as such. Nikki/Jessica/Whomever is way too unpredictable for anyone to want her anywhere near this event. Quite frankly, the same goes for Elle. Adam would probably be perfectly happy to see Peter bite it. Matt would be an incredibly useful ally, but he is not firmly established as a man of action, there is still a tendency in him to hesitate. I think that ultimately, any aid Peter receives would be more to neutralize any aid Sam receives.

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