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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Thought: Valentine's Day

Toady is one of those days. Even if you don't want to talk about it, you end up talking about it: expressing your joy that your in a mutually affectionate relationship, wailing your angst that your heartbroken and alone, venting your annoyance that as a single person you are required to feel lonely or anti-lonely, or just writing down that you would rather not talk about it at all.

I am unattached romantically to another human being. That doesn't mean that I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. I am doing the most loving thing I can think of: babysitting my friends' two-year old so that they can go on a lovely romantic date. But after my heroically selfless act of giving to others, I am going to do something loving for myself. I'm going home to curl up in bed with two of my favorite men: Jensen and Jared. The gift of love the universe gives me is a new episode of Supernatural. Check in tomorrow; I'll tell you how my threesome goes.

Happy Valentine's Day

The TV Girl


Asiankp said... was the babysitting and the threesome...did you put your boys through a rigorous set of questions before engaging in immoral behavior. I hope so...AND i had the best convo with Aline yesterday about LA...she is awesome.

The TV Girl said...

Yes, Aline is awesome. I know your a wall reader, so I included you on a Pushing Daisies wall-chat she and I are having on facebook. Want to move to California with me?
Babysitting was, well, babysitting. I fed her an energy bar without thinking about it and so she wouldn't go to sleep. There was a wrestling match diaper changing incident which she almost won. All in all, tiring, but worth it.
Though I absolutely support your policy of fully informed sexual activity, I am going to be honest. For boy like that I will accept any consequences of my choices.

Asiankp said...

Damn. Do I have that repuation already? The infamous "wall reader"? shit.

The TV Girl said...

Just to me darling, don't worry. I kind of do it too, but it is impossible not to. I did reply to your question about Michael and Sara by the way.