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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Tree Hill (4.5): Zac Efron Bangs, Attack!

Oh. My. Side-Swept. Goodness. When the featured band, which after the hideously placed “this is who we are in a symbiotic endorsement relationship with this week” (hence the drop on my rating scale) I will not name, took the stage on One Tree Hill last night I was transfixed. Not by their amazing emotive skills. By their hair. Only unattended babies necks’ should lob around that much. When you cannot see the strings of the guitar you are un-impressing your audience with, get a hair cut or buy a head-band.

I’m better now.

Little Brooke Davis, you are the cutest thing. The acting on this show is, shall we say, limited, but Sophia Bush gets major kudos for staying on her appointed message of "overly-confident-girl." Her take-no-prisoners pursuit of Owen the Bartender should have been cloying, but she was so committed to it that it was adorable. His respectful rejection of her was nice; he reassured her she won’t turn into her mother, the evil cougar, but he notified her of the age inappropriateness of their coupling. The world is always better when good bartenders are around.

Evil Nannies, on the other hand, only destroy. Haley, wake up and smell the skank. Foiling K-Fed’s plot for world domination through uninspired music is a noble cause, but there is an alcoholic home-wrecker taking care of your son. No more ironic one-liners; take control of your house.

It looks like another couple is making their way towards martial dis-function. I knew that the show muckity-mucks had plans for a wedding in the season finale, and considering where the show is at, Lucas and Lindsay was the only logical possibility, but this is OTH; when did logic enter in? I am going to ask a question I have asked myself about my wonderful Battlestar Galactica: what kind of woman marries a man she knows is in love with another woman? Life and love aren’t complicated and difficult enough you have to set yourself up for failure consciously? (In BSG-land, I am talking about Dualla, whom I hate so, so, so much I have no pity for her pain. Go Lee and Kara!) I cannot imagine having so little self-worth as to accept such a proposal, but that is just me. On TV women do it all the time. The matching leaden-eyed delivery of their news to Peyton does not indicate future bliss.

And finally, just as a female, I hope precious Millie gets her revenge on Mouth.

The Strike is officially over. I bring this up, not only because it is good information to have, but also a few days ago KP commented that she could not wait for the end of WS 2007/8 so that she could stop watching One Tree Hill. I kind of chuckled to myself. There will not be new episodes of any returning favorites until at least April, some will not be back until Fall 2008 (for an updated schedule: Watch With Kristin, E!Online). What we have is what we get: the last eps of a few good shows, OTH, and “reality” in all its fake glory. Lent is over but it is going to be a long Good Friday.

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