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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pushing Daisies: KP Converted Me.

I trust my friends a great deal. I am willing to take advice. These two statements may be shocking to those of you who know my in person. To those who do not, you now have more information than you did three sentences ago. KP's review properly oriented me to give Pushing Daisies another try, and I can not thank her more. I devoured the episodes on that are available. I smiled the whole day. I am inspired by the wardrobe to wear more dresses, but ones that provide more appropriate coverage.

There is one element of the show that I find irritating. All of the characters, but Chuck more than anyone, interrupt each others' sentences and conversations. I did a little fist-pump-in-the-air when Emerson would call Chuck out on her very, very rude habit. I understand that it is part of a metaphor: love is an interruption to our lives. While I can appreciate the purpose, I cannot excuse Ned for looking on so lovingly while she continuously displays such bratty behavior. Loving someone does not mean you allow them to be disrespectful and indifferent of the human beings in proximity. I find Chuck's interrupting even more irksome since she is portrayed as a loving person who reaches out to others.

Other than this very minor quibble, which now that I have written down I will get over, I am utterly enamored.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

YEYYYYYYY!!! I am so happy you like it!! i know what you mean though about interrupting...perhaps the writers will tone it down next season.

PS. the other day, i finally recieved VM disc 4 that I have been waiting quite impatiently for...I open it up and DAMN IT ALL TO HELL...the disc is effin broken, as in cracked in HALF. I was so pissed I wrote a letter to netflix...and my life was little worse in that moment. So now, i have to wait a WHOLE EXTRA DAMN DAY to find out what happened to logan's mom??? AHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAAAAAHHHHHHH.

The TV Girl said...

I cannot even tell you how sad I am for you reading this story. When you are done with the season I will tell you the saga that was VM Season One on DVD. When I say saga, I mean saga. Long story requiring beer and cigs. But funny, and has a happy ending. I will pray that you that you can make for the next day, and cry in my heart for you. Netflix is wonderful, but just like a man, it fails at the worst possible moment.