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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Tree Hill (5): Not Bad, For a Transition.

On any TV show there are some episodes which function mainly to get the viewer from exciting and dramatic plot point A to exciting and dramatic plot point B. There is a kind of choral aspect to them: characters rehash previous or recent events which reminds the viewers what has occurred over the course of the show; the emphasis of dramatic irony is placed on situations the characters perpetuate through inaction or repetitive action (the purgatorial necessity of waiting); minor stories wrap up and move into different territory; and by letting everything percolate we all prepare for the next arc.

I think transition episodes are wonderful. As a viewer you get the chance to catch your breath (assuming the show moves at a fast pace and has a great deal of detail, neither of which apply to OTH) or simply laze about with characters with which you are familiar, remembering the good times and smiling indulgently at their foibles. And there are some worthwhile moments that take place while things stew.

For instance, Mouth finding out that Alice the Cougar was the best indoor sport for miles around (I got this phrase from a professor of mine and I couldn’t help myself from using it). I will pass along some advice KP gave to me: get tested. Alice got it on with every male in that news station, therefore Mouth did too. I will not stand for charmingly awkward Millie catching something nasty down there because she gives Mouth a second chance. Forgiveness should be repaid with gratitude, not STDs.

And who says TV is not instructional? Haley did a wonderful job last night reminding us all about that Biblical mandate to worry about he plank in your own eye before the splinter in your neighbor’s. All of her unsolicited advice on marriage and being a good person in general sounded ridiculous considering that Nanny Carrie kissed Nathan. Nathan is not the brightest bulb (should have fired her before she kissed you buddy), but he is trying to deal with a really uncomfortable situation to the best of his ability. Haley is supposed to be the diligent and keen-eyed one in their marriage, but she is so busy getting in everyone else’s faces that her home is turning in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. I wonder if I will have much sympathy for her when this all explodes.

Let us hope this inevitable explosion takes place during the Lucas/Lindsay nuptials. That would be entertaining. There was a "left at the alter" scenario back in Season Two, so I’m not placing my money on Lucas or Lindsay not showing up to the blissful event, but this is OTH; no public event takes place without a public catastrophe. And let no one deny that Peyton Sawyer knows how to loose the battle but win the war. She sincerely meant everything she said last night about letting Lucas go and allowing him to be happy in his choices, because Peyton can be a bitch, but she isn’t deceitful. At the same time, could she have made a more persuasive case to Lucas than to compare him and her to Keith and Karen (whom I dearly miss, and am very sure would stop Lucas from marrying Lindsay)? I am not accusing her of manipulation, the universe is on Peyton’s side even if Haley isn’t, and her genuine sentiment will make the truth even easier for Lucas to see…eventually.

Final Note: There were so many structural inconsistencies in this episode I am starting to think this show does not employ a story-editor. I openly offer my services because it is getting pathetic.

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