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Thursday, February 7, 2008

One Tree Hill (5): I Can Never Figure Out What Day It Is On This Show

My confusion is an editing problem. There seem to be things that take place midway through the episode that should be taking place in the morning, or the characters wear the same clothing for what appear to be multiple days. It distracts me and those in charge should fix it. This has been a problem since the beginning of One Tree Hill, so I should be used to it by now.

Brooke’s mom may be a witch, but what an awesome witch. Brooke should have known better than to try to connect with a woman who seems barely able to restrain herself from saying “you were an accident.” As ill advised as her overture may have been, it worked well to remind us that Brooke and Co. are still very young. At 21 you are still trying to figure out your relationship with your parents, and Brooke’s success can only make the situation more complicated. The parent/child relationships were kind of the foundation of this show; Lucas and Nathan hated each other because they share a father who picked one over the other, Lucas’ relationship with his mom Karen (the missed Moira Kelly) contrasted with Nathan’s relationship with his mom Deb (the not-so missed Barbra Alyn Woods), Brooke and Peyton both had absent parents, and Peyton’s grief over her mother’s death (and then her second mother’s death) is a fundamental of her character. I understand allowing these storylines to grow, to show the transformation of children into parents, but without Brooke’s mom as a reminder of where we started it would feel too much like a completely different show.

While I’m on the topic of parenting (or lack thereof), oh crazy nanny. I don’t think Lindsay is going to keep her mouth shut about Nanny Carrie’s little passive-aggressive revelation. Nathan defiantly stayed out on that balcony too long, but I don’t think Nathan is so stupid that he doesn’t see what this girl is all about. The long and short is that Nathan will not cheat. Nathan and Haley are obviously distant (I think that kiss at the end of last week’s episode was their first physical contact since his accident), but no matter what happens, he won’t cheat. I predict his rejection is what will push Nanny Carrie off the deep end.

Can I take a moment to gloat that I was able to predict dialogue. … Thank you. Peyton has every right to be angry, and I clapped for every single book she threw at Lucas’ stupid head. Why did they both assume that after the way they ended, and the not talking, that they would be able to magically be friends? He is still holding on to the ring he wanted to give her, and she doesn’t seem to have dated anyone since him. Friendship between them would take a great deal of time and effort on both their parts. What is with all of these people trying to put on a front, and for whom? Peyton needs to embrace her honest nature, and not let anyone tell her she should like Lindsay. Anger is so much more entertaining than winning.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said... are so right. Its like one day in Tree Hill is two episodes or its perpetually midday forever. If thats the case, fictional or not, I'm moving to One Tree Hill.
AND...I knew the nanny would turn on Nathan. I think he will cheat. In fact, I think Haley will catch them about to cheat or something...OR the little son will catch them cheating and say something. by the by, i used to think he was cute and now i think he is headed on the Dakota Fanning path which means annoying, cracked out kid forever. the writers strike needs to end so i dont watch anymore One Tree Hill.

The TV Girl said...

I agree that the writers strike needs to end, but I can't remember what I was watching on Tuesdays before One Tree Hill started up again. My memory ain't what it used to be.
I don't know how I feel about lil Jamie. Cute or Satan, I don't want to see too much of him.
You really think Nathan will cheat? He didn't cheat when Haley left him, so I'm not yet ready to give up on the boy.