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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random Thought

I almost wish that I watched Jericho. Not because I have a great love for CBS (not one of my favorite networks, and yes I do rank networks), or because I have a burning interest in the premise (the Mid-West frightens me at the best of times, so a post-apocalyptic Kansas is not my cup of tea). What makes me wish I watched this show, or maybe I wish I wanted to watch this show, is that when it was cancelled last spring the fans petitioned long and loud enough to actually resurrect it. Now, most of the world is populated by total freaks (with completely awful taste), so I am not saying this is the most sane course of action in the history of recent events, or that it necessitates Jericho's overall worthiness of airtime, but I have to respect a fan base with that level of commitment. I don't foresee watching Jericho, but I am glad it returned.

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20 days until DC!!!!