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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random Info

I do not under any circumstances support, advocate, or even approve the existence of Dancing With the Stars, but in my internet perusing today I found the list of "contestants" for Round Six. Low and behold Steve Guttenberg, who was mentioned yesterday in my review of Veronica Mars, Season Two, will be one of the "contestants" on this twice a week snooze-fest. I mention the name of an actor who should be enjoyed with an attitude of gentle irony, and the next day find that that world is taking him seriously (and don't doubt people take DWTS seriously). What are the odds?


Asiankp said...

Another random question: Have you ever seen Reefer Madness, The Musical? It stars kristen bell and christian campbell (neve's little bro)

Asiankp said...

Ughh...nevermind. I just watched some clips on Youtube and feel icky.

The TV Girl said...

Okay, I will make sure to skip that one.

Asiankp said...

Yeah...unless you are in a really weird mood...Reefer Madness will probably make you throw up in normal circumstances.

Hey...thanks for listing return dates...and by the by, have you ever watched Samantha Who? I'm actually a fan...I dont know if it was the fact that there was nothing on TV or if I have a soft spot in my heart for Christina Applegate for some reason...the show gets to a good way.

The TV Girl said...

I do watch Samantha Who? I was happy to see it on your profile, because I don't really know that anyone else watches it. I love Jennifer Espisito (despite Crash) so that was why I watched it in the first place, but I like the concept and it is getting better as they become more confident. And Barry Watson doesn't make me want to kill myself, which is a step up for him.