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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

House (8): Will I Ever Love Anyone Enough to Drink Their Urine?

I need to make a confession. If I don’t what I’m about to write, and the next thing I will write, will not make sense. Fall 2007 I spent both Monday and Tuesday nights in the classroom. On Mondays I had class from 5pm to 6:30pm and then from 7pm to 10pm. Tuesday nights was only 7pm to 10pm. My academic career took priority over my viewing, and therefore I had to catch up online with the shows I wanted to see. That list got very long, and I made a choice between supporting the new and following the known. I knew that House would survive, while Reaper needed viewers. With the same logic I chose between Chuck and Prison Break. It isn’t that I abandoned former loves for new flings; it was more a cool-down than a break-up. Ah, I feel so much lighter. (Complete tangent: Hugh Laurie was my first actor crush. At age eleven one Bertie Wooster drunkenly stumbled into his apartment and my heart. I heart Hugh Laurie like I heart no one else.)

Sunday night after the Super Bowl I had a chance to pick up where I left off with the good doc. Oh how I’ve missed that sarcasm and those eyes. My whole evening kind of worked out beautifully (and that is not to say I am a Giants fan). After House I put on an episode of Planet Earth before I went to bed. The episode happened to be “Ice Poles” concentrating on the North and South poles. Watching Mira Sorvino re-inflate her own lung tempered the desire to visit Antarctica evoked in me by the stunning pictures of ice cathedrals and frozen oceans.

House (Hugh Laurie)’s attraction to Dr. Kate and his dedication to her case intrigued me. The connection between them was obviously sexual attraction, but she held her own without being a brat. The episode worked so well, because Kate’s attitude with House matched her willingness to perform procedures on her herself. I like to see him reach out to patients, and since I know it won’t fundamentally change his character, it’s like a cynicism vacation. But we all come home eventually.

I have heard from a friend that this Amber chick is not the most pleasant character. I cannot imagine a better punishment for a backstabbing dame than dating Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). Wilson and House crack me up; they may be the greatest bromance currently on TV. Wilson has the perfect bleeding-heart, handholding liberalism to spar with House’s personally damaged, pain-induced rationalism. They are never sappy, always funny, and obviously care about each other. But, dating Wilson is a guarantee of infidelity. He has ex-wives (take notice of the plural), and as far as we know, cheats on every woman he dates. So, if Amber is a she-devil, she will get what she deserves as Wilson’s girlfriend.

I don’t feel qualified to say much more about the new cast members, I haven’t seen the Survivior-esque episodes that resulted with these new doctors. No one, and I mean no one, could annoy me as much as Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), so I’m not worried about the (to me) newbies. Personally, I could never let Taj (“Kutner,” Kal Penn) be my doctor, but at the same time Chase (Jesse Spencer) hooked-up with Heather Locklear in Uptown Girls, so I will have to be sure not get sick in New Jersey (or Cuba, or Antarctica).

And I will have to be sure to take off my socks so a broken toe doesn’t go unnoticed.

The TV Girl


Luke said...

I fell asleep during the episode, but... ew... that's what happened... yuck!

The TV Girl said...

See, I'm worried about giving things away for people.

Luke said...

Nah, its ok, if I don't want to be spoiled, I won't read it.