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Sunday, February 3, 2008

MTV: Anti-Americans Have a Point.

The Super Bowl is still going on. I'm just waiting impatiently for the new episode of House airing when the men in tight pants relinquish control of network TV. In addition, I'm having writer's block (did I write a bestselling novel recently?), so what am I doing? That's right, channel surfing! Here is what I have discovered today.

MTV is the haven of the unemployable. Why is anyone concerned about difficulties in the job market? There is an entire network devoted to lifetime job security for those who posses not one skill, talent, brain-cell, or apparently even the barest human decency which indicates a soul. Want proof of what I'm saying? Tune into five minuets of The Gauntlet III. A whole group of people that don't seem to do anything but compete on MTV "reality" shows. Men and women in their late 20s-mid 30s (some with receding hairlines) with nothing to show for their collective existences aside from drunken hook-ups, tans, and facial hair that would qualify them to be extras in the BBC's next Dickens production. The network can send these degenerates all over the world but can't spring for razors?

Need more evidence? Four words: Marking the Band Four. I don't have to defend this, I really don't.

I don't want to be a horrible person, and say that I feel so much better about my own life after seeing what others are up to, but I do, I really do. I might be a big dork, but at least I am not allowing camera crews to document my unabashed mediocrity. Need an ego-boost? Five minutes with MTV is better than any medication.

THe TV Girl


Asiankp said...

hahaha...HAHAHAHA...HAHAHAHA...i really just cant stop laughing. this shit is damn funny.

another sign of the decay of western society: A shot at love with tila tequila.

The TV Girl said...

Miss Tequila is soooooooo trashtastic I don't even know how to begin addressing her wrong.