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Friday, April 11, 2008

30 Rock (5): Flat As Liz’s Address Book.

I hate myself for saying bad things about the beautiful Tina Fey and her baby 30 Rock, but last night’s episode was boring, verging on tedious.

The MILF Island mimicking of the main plot was too obvious. We all would have understood the comparison without the host of MILF Island narrating the episode of 30 Rock. As an intelligent viewer I do not like a show pointing out to me that the audience in general is considered too unintelligent to understand what is going on.

How could Liz not realize that Jack’s story of his childhood sounded like he grew up in a mill town in the 19th Century! Well, I guess at times we all get so caught up in the proximate end that we cannot see the final end, but he laid it on pretty thick. Maybe her connected foot/head gear messed up something in her brain, making her incapable of noticing when she is being shamelessly manipulated.

Tracey is over the top, but that is why he is wonderful. He needs to be more than a bit player.

This episode could be a warning of things to come. There are rumors that Oprah will guest star as Liz’s best friend. I cannot think of an un-funnier guest star. I despise Oprah, but if she was even remotely funny I would be open to the idea. “MILF Island” could be an isolated misstep of an episode, or 30 Rock could be another show to be impaled on its own popularity.

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Asiankp said...

Tina Fey kinda annoys me.