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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Riches (8): No Amount Of Money Is Worth This.

Can you believe they kicked Priscilla off DWTS? Oh, wait, I wasn’t watching that and why would I care? I have really important things to talk about.

I do have a confession to make. I missed last week’s episode of The Riches, and my efforts to find it online were thwarted (much to my chagrin does not even begin to describe it), but I got the impression from last night’s episode that while I missed an hour of my favorite gypsies, it does not seem that I missed too many plot points that I could not glean from “previously on” and this episode. Well now, my soul feels lighter.

Dahlia feels the opposite of lightness, and no wonder. Now she is living a triple life, because she is trying to hide her Eden Falls life from her parole officer and her parolee life from Wayne. Dahlia is a stronger person than I, because all that plus her daughter holding her responsible for her son leaving would drive me back to drugs in a heartbeat. But is honesty a half way type thing? What kind of life can she build with each foot in a different partial truth? She has alienated her parole officer because he knows she is lying to him, even if he does not know about what. Also, she and Wayne are extra fighting because deep down he thinks she is still doing drugs. The trust is eroding between Wayne and Dahlia, and while I admire her efforts to act according to her conscience, more lying will not help to rebuild that trust.

But, is Wayne worthy of that trust anymore? He did not kill Pete, but he is doing everything he can to cover it up. He is working with Dale even after Dale attacked Dahlia. He is not even doing a very good job of covering up because, Dahlia knows that Wayne is hiding something and avoiding talking about whatever it is. Furthermore, nothing seems to be as important as the Bayou Hills deal, even the respect of his children. He would not talk to Sam when it was obvious Sam was upset. He kind of just let Cael leave without even offering to follow him, make sure he is okay. He reassured Sam at the end, and I do believe him that he would never abandon Sam, but Sam was in trouble in the first place because money has become the most important thing to Wayne, whether he really realizes that or not.

Which is why I cannot blame Cael for leaving, even though he is a total moron. I had to call my friend Jennie and ask her if it was completely obvious that Cael is being manipulated or if I was entirely making up a parallel story that did not exist on screen. She assured me I was not crazy; that it is readily apparent that the Travelers who picked up Cael were instructed to do by Quinn in order to bring him back to camp, and that Cael fell for it. Cael is either extremely out of practice (more so than thought previously), or extremely (shall we say) lonely to fall so easily into what appears to be a trap. Whatever the reason, he better catch on sooner rather than later (but the previews looked like he will be getting some in the next episode, so if his stupidity is the result of reason #2, at least that problem will be taken care of). Why Quinn wants Cael is not as clear as Cael’s stupidity. Could be that the camp ran out of males and the little blonde needs a new husband (Jennie’s theory), or could be they intend to hold Cael hostage in order to flush out his parents (my theory) or most likely it is for some reason I could not possibly think of. While my heart is with Cael (I would leave too, because Eden Falls is bullshit) and I think he is right about what he said concerning the overemphasis on stuff in most people’s lives, it seems fairly evident that family unity is necessary for success, as well as fairly evident that he has forgotten this.

On the other hand, the Malloy family is cracked, so maybe all Cael has done is state the truth out loud. Or at least that was all he had done before he got in that RV.

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Asiankp said...

What network is this on? HBO?

The TV Girl said...

No, it is on F/X. It rocks my socks.