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Friday, April 18, 2008

30 Rock (8): I Really Never Noticed Just How Pigeon-Toed Tina Fay Is.

Okay, “MILF Island” was just a misstep (or I just missed something, because other people really liked that episode), and the 30 Rockers are back on track.

So if I write in “God” on my ballot this fall, it will count as a vote for the Republican Presidential candidate? Sweet! You can watch only The Food Network and still have opinions about campaign finance reform? Double sweet! This is the genius of 30 Rock; the complete mockery of political views/lifestyles goes both ways.

The best moment has to go to Tracey correcting Jack’s diction, changing “Blackmericans” to “Black Americans.” This story line might give Alicia Keys more fuel for her nonsensical ramblings, but since Jack conceded that even the prestige of Tracey will not sway the majority of black voters to join the GOP, she should sleep a little easier.

The second best moment goes to Dennis attempting to throw Liz in front of a train in order to save her and be a hero again (and methinks be able to wear that amazing porkpie hat again). Part of my heart believes that Dennis and Liz deserve each other. If you are willing to even consider being in a relationship which is analogous to freezing to death, then I cannot see a lot of hope for rehabilitating your self-esteem enough to the point where a better guy would be willing to give you a chance. Of course I want better for Liz, but could the woman try, even the slightest bit?

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