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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How I Met Your Mother (8): Time For Me To Play A Little Catch-Up.

I am going to roll my commentary on three episodes into one post. This might end up a bit out of order.

Last night’s episode might have been a dream come true for some viewers. I have to be honest. I did not watch Doogie Howser, MD. At the time it aired I was only allowed to watch (at night when my parents observed me) The Simpsons, therefore I missed some of the cultural “landmarks” of my generation. No Saved By The Bell or Clarissa Explains It All for me. (For those of you currently pondering why I was encouraged to view the, sometimes, objectionable-for-children material of The Simpsons, all I will say is that I make no apologies for my upbringing.) Despite the blessing of being spared the early 90s, I have of course caught glimpses of Neil Patrick Harris’ infamous sap-fests recorded on ancient technology, so I could laugh out loud with everyone else upon seeing Barney sitting at his computer typing to chiming instrumental music. I have to respect an actor, and a show, that properly utilizes the value of self-parody.

Is Robin right? Do the women Barney seduces have any claim to righteous fury? I cannot feel that sorry for any woman who believes something like “I am the Prince of Norway.” But I do love seeing Barney get slapped; it never ceases to be funny.

There is nothing quite like coming home from an awesome vacation to two new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. And there is nothing quite like the best-friend-smack-down-when-your-being-an-ass. I have always loved Marshall’s quiet and quirky wisdom. He is a better person than me; I would have punched Ted in the face if he told me the story of his Saint Patrick’s Day.

Even though I saw pictures of it beforehand, nothing could really prepare me for the glory that is Barney’s green suit. Even so, the St. Patrick’s Day episode is not one of their best. Personally, I just did not find anything amusing about Ted’s behavior. The point of the episode is perception; at times we see our lives in a way that is incongruent with reality. I know that we were supposed to see what Marshall was going to say before he had to say it, but I found it difficult to watch anyway. Barney being Barney is fantastic, but Ted being Barney is uncomfortable. I have no problem per se with Ted’s tiny existential crisis. I just wish he had recognized he was having it before it got so bad.

But Ted redeemed himself in my eyes in the next episode. His “two minute date” was thoughtful, fun, and charming. That is the sweet Ted I like to see. Also, I found Stella far more pleasant than Eliot. I would strongly suggest a character change for Sarah Chalke.

Britney Spears’ guest appearance has been talked to death. I liked her character, she did an adequate job, and from what I read she was profession and pleasant on set. Enough. There is a prospective guest that we should all be looking forward to with baited breath: James Van Der Beek. Dawson might be making eyes at Robin Sparkle! (The late 90s was my time.)

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

Is it just me or does Alyson Hannigan talk kinda weird? Like nasaly and out of the side of her mouth? I noticed it in Veronica Mars and then a bit on HIMYM...maybe its just me. I abhore people who talk out of the side of their mouth.

The TV Girl said...

She kind of does. Sorry it annoys you. Sad. But at least she is not as bad as Katie Holmes!