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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just To Let You Know

I have always enjoyed the campy/crazy of America's Next Top Model. The photo shoots are always really neat to look at, Tyra always does something dramatic, and someone always cries.

But after twenty minutes tonight I am washing my hands of this show. Dominique was allowed to go on national television and gloat that Whitney was discriminated against. The challenge was group go-sees (fancy model term for "job interview") and Whitney, the plus-size model, was told by the designer she was modeling for that as a size 10 she would simply not be considered as a viable choice. Understandably, Whitney was upset by this, and while Dominique kept her mouth shut in front of her competition, in her taped interview she rejoiced that Whitney's weight would be used against her. Dominique joyfully assumed that because one designer is ignorant and shallow that Whitney would automatically be eliminated.

Well, I am done. I refuse to waste my time on absolutely ridiculous animosity. We live a country where it is unacceptable to dismiss another person because of their physiognomy, except for weight/body size. And while I do not believe that the designer should be required to hire a plus-size model, it is repulsive that another person would be allowed to publicly display her glee over the unjust perception that heavier equals uglier.

Frak that kind of uncharitable perspective. I will find a better way to spend an hour a week.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

bitches bitches bitches all. frak that indeed. i know how you can spend that hour...get your shit ready to move to Chi-town!!!

The TV Girl said...

That may be the best suggestion I have heard all day. You have to spend an hour clearing a tiny corner for me to curl up in.