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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: Why Are People So Stupid?

Sorry to be writing about this again today (I have something else to be writing for KP), but I cannot help myself when I "stumble" upon BSG articles. And it seems I cannot help but get annoyed. There are two characters disqualified from the "whose the last Cylon" race: Helo and Callie. Way back in Season One Sharon (Helo's wife, not Boomer) tells Helo that Cylons cannot sexually reproduce. The birthing farm Starbuck is held at in Season Two attests to the need for human DNA in order for Cylons to have children. Therefore, the only way that Callie or Helo is the last Cylon would be for the difference between the final five and the known seven to be biological (maybe a better word would be mechanical) rather than ideological (which is how it has been presented thus far). BSG goes out of its way to shake things up, but until they officially change the rules, Helo and Callie are off the table. Get cracking on better theories people.

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