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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Hills (3): On The Immensely Trivial Side of Life.

I know that I am way too old, and way too smart to care about the "exploits" of a bunch of self-absorbed, under-educated, party girls, but what can I say? It is like watching the slowest moving, societal train-wreak in recent American history. I feel like an anthropologist of the moronic while I watch.

As dumb as these girls are, the guys they date should be studied as examples of the missing link. If you need proof that it requires more than physical beauty to find a decent, let alone a good, partner look no further than Heidi and Spencer. No amount of fame is worth even pretending to agree to marry this a-hole.

So imagine my distress when watching the first of last night's two episodes in which Spencer harmed not only those idiotic enough to remain in his path of destruction, but also innocent human being like myself. My stomach turned when Spencer said he needed his sister's TV to watch 24! Freetards like him are not allowed to watch good shows. They should be limited to watching the crap shows that they star on! 24 is for adults who are able to form a complete sentence, not the mentally sub-par who graffiti the inside of their apartment.

Why, oh why is Jack Bauer fictional? He could fix this situation with two fingers (and then go work in Scranton).

The TV Girl


Luke said...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am still getting caught up on Battlestar season 3 so I've been avoiding those posts... I hate that they came out with the season 3 dvds only a couple weeks before season 4, not enough time...

Anyway. Ashley has newly gotten me on the Hills bandwagon... I am still trying to figure out whay I am so fascinated by nothing happening to pretty people for a half hour, but yet, it truly is amazing... Just wanted to share.

The TV Girl said...

Even before I opened it, I could feel that this was your comment! So good to hear from you, I missed your opinion. I wish there was better coordination between DVD release and season premieres. Most shows cut it way too close for anyone but the hopelessly life-less, like me, to work through. I hate to think that I am alienating you as a reader, so I will work on freezing time, so you can catch up, and I can get a good nights sleep.

I love that Ashley watches The Hills, and I love that she got you involved. Sometime last season I stopped really trying to figure out why I was still watching. Nothing happens on this show; it is one long promo for the bars and eateries of LA. It is the Medusa of TV: once you glimpse it your will is turned to stone. AND I LOVE IT!

We need to do some hanging out and Hills watching.

Asiankp said...

I've been in a weird state of mind lately that is newly obsessed as to how the celebrities are NOT just like us. So imagine my joy at reading your post about The Hills, a show so henious about spoiled rich people who want to be celebrities. This new reality-style of TV just amazes me...even the Khardashians have a show. Who are they, you ask? I read many articles and I still dont know. Here's a reality show I would like to watch. Give an average joe or jane a big amount of money and see if they turn into a spoiled brat or if they use it do good could be fun on many levels. You could watch him/her use the money to do selfless human things are watch her slowly deteriorate into a 2nd rate spoiled version of herself...