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Friday, April 4, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: Marriage, Divorce, and Adultery

In the name of full disclosure I am going to get a few more things out on the table in the final hours before Season Four.

Dualla is the character I hate the most. As irrational as you many think I am, I blame her for Billy’s death. She humiliated him and then got him killed. I did not really give her much consideration before that, but when it happened repulsion took root in my heart, which will live forever. The fact that she married Lee after acknowledging that he will always be in love with Kara (see extended version of “Unfinished Business”) just makes me want to dismiss her entirely. A woman so stupid is not even worthy of my hatred, and she is defiantly not worthy of Lee.

Granted, Lee is kind of a screw-up, and loosing Kara did not help. It is not a coincidence that when Kara died he left the military. Lee is like his father, but he is not his father. It is interesting that he never actually says why he joined the service. We know it was for Adams’s approval, but I think Lee respects what he does too much to reduce it in that way. Whatever his faults, his love for Kara is so sincere that it guided his life as much as his relationship with his father. He could not trust her completely enough to leave secure mediocrity with Dualla, but he loved her too much to let her abandon herself to doubt. Kara tells Lee to let her go into the storm because his love is what ties her to life.

Lee, not Anders! Kara married Anders after talking with (a drunk) Tigh, proof beyond doubt that she made the wrong choice. Anders is to Kara kind of what Riley was to Buffy: not horrible in and of himself, but to weak to handle a girl like that. Love is not enough if it is not paired with any strength of character and a willingness to challenge the other.

And there is the minor detail that Anders is a Cylon. I just do not think he and Kara have what Helo and Sharon have. But really, is anyone as wonderful as the Agathons?

Enjoy tonight everyone!

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

NICE. I love the BSG posts. I saw about 5 minutes of the premiere but then had to go to a party...I was totally confused as to what was going on but I liked what i saw.

The TV Girl said...

I am so glad you liked what you saw, even if you were confused!