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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Question: Should The Past Be Left There?

What I am about to say is much more about my life than a specific TV show, but I have some things on my mind and I thought I would share. Let me tell you a couple of stories.

Recently, via MySpace (or as I like to call it, "un-fun Facebook") I reconnected with my best friend from high school. For various reasons she and I had lost communication. I joined MySpace to talk to my first college roomate (who refuses to be on Facebook) and in addition to finding MM, there was NC, and I couldn't have been happier. She is still one of the most loving, talented, funny women I have ever met, and she was an amazing friend to me during some very difficult times.

Plus, she was my first TV buddy. In our separate homes we talked on the phone during Dawson's Creek (only during the commercials, but the line was open the whole episode). Lunch periods were spent discussing the finer points of Felicity. We both actually read the "Roswell High" book series. Dr Doug Ross' departure was an event for us. We took opposite views on most issues: she was a Dawson girl, I was Pacey all the way; her heart was with Noel, I knew Ben was the one; I embraced sci-fi, she tended more towards the romantic drama. Interacting with NC again has put a point on some nostalgia I had already been feeling because of another old friend I saw recently.

On my recent vacation I was lucky enough to spend some time with an friend from college JKY, who happens to be a huge Dawson's Creek fan (okay, maybe this post is about Dawson's Creek). JKY and Jennie were in the process of rewatching the series, so one afternoon we all settled in for an episode or two. It was the "Breakfast Club" episode from Season One, and between the music, the clothes, and Katie Holmes' shoulder shrug/talking out of the side of her mouth combo I was in memory lane heaven. I was inspired to start from the beginning and relive every amazing/agonizing moment.

Reconnecting with NC has only increased this desire, but as of yet I have not made any steps towards fulfillment. And a huge reason why is that I am wondering if I go back now to something I loved when I was such a different person, will I destroy all the good memories? Great TV shows stand the test of time (if not the test of fashion taste); Battlestar Galactica and Arrested Development with be coming to the nursing home with me. Even the good can hold up. Felicity was a highly successful (except for the last six episodes) series rewatch for me a couple summers ago, and when in doubt I will still throw in an episode of Buffy (different post would be needed to decide if I think this show is great or good) to keep me company on a Saturday afternoon.

But if you have that feeling inside that the show you loved so dearly may not be quite as good as you remember should you just leave well enough alone?

(Adding even more complication to the particular case of Dawson's Creek is the fact that my beautiful Jensen (aka Dean Winchester) is in a few episodes towards the end of the series. This disposes me in favor of a rewatch, but I can just watch Supernatural. Very complicated.)

Any thoughts?

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

An excellent response would be yes. Re-watch. Re-enjoy. Re-love. Its like that ridiculous marketing saying, "fall in love again with Calvin Kleins new perfume or whatever."
ANYWAY...I recently bought all the seasons of the Pretender. Fabulous show, btw. I havent watched the Pretender in about 10 years but I found myself falling in love with Jarod, Ms. Parker and the rest of the Centre crew all over again. I noticed things I didnt notice before (such as the fabulous guest stars: Jennifer Garner, Emilie Hirsch, Melora Hardin, etc) and it made me view the show in a more mature and thoughtful light (noting some of the highly Christian messages). I say, its never too late to go back. You have those memories, and they are great but it can't hurt to give something you love a second look.

The TV Girl said...

I like your argument.