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Monday, April 28, 2008

Brothers & Sisters (5): I Didn’t See That One Coming.

No, I am lying. I totally saw that one coming. And by that one, I mean the whole episode.

First and foremost: Rebecca is not William Walker’s love child. Shocker! At some point some creative director of this show decided that because Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp have chemistry (which has always seemed more friendly than romantic to me) that the characters (who have always believed they share a father) should have a romantic storyline. So one of them had to turn out to not be a Walker, and despite all the speculation, it turned out to be Rebecca. There was just no way it was going to be Justin. (That actually could have been interesting, even if completely devastating for him.) But the plot is ridiculous and gross. Now Rebecca has lied to Justin and told him that the DNA test said William really was her father, so Justin is probably thinking he is some kind of perv for at any point even wondering about any possibilities. (And I am not entirely sure he should not feel that way. Dude, you think she is your sister.) Genetics aside, they believed they are siblings, so I find the whole thing so creeptacular I can barely watch it. My friend Lauren put it best that this particular plot is just a bit too Days. Next thing we know Stefano is going to kidnap Rebecca.

Who would have guessed that Kevin would be able to drain a proposal of all affection and desire? Oh, anyone who has seen one episode of his entirely analytical approach to long-term relationships. I have never been Scotty’s biggest fan, but he gained some respect in my eyes for politely and respectfully turning down what amounted to a business merger invitation. Gay, straight, or otherwise, health insurance is not a reason to get married.

And, the family business is in trouble. You mean, Sarah was right all along? Well, that is something they have never done on this show before.

Sorry, my deep discomfort with the Justin/Rebecca storyline is making me a tad more cynical about this show than it deserves.

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