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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thought: What A Waste Of A Wednesday.

Maybe I am the only one who feels the absolute boredom of today. I blame today on yesterday, at least in part. Last night was a waste of airwaves (I do not care what anyone says about Men in Trees) and while next week I will be extremely happy for a mid-week-catch-up-on-shows-that-conflicted day, right now I wish I had brought a movie to work. I actually considered grabbing something off my DVD shelf on my way out the door this morning, but I thought that might be missing the whole concept of "work."

Is is not that there is nothing to look forward to. Quality NBC comedy tonight, the best show ever tomorrow night. And it is not that I have nothing to talk about. It might be that I have too much to talk about and my thoughts are all scattered around. My un-focus and boredom are breeding some serious anxiety. Will I be able to withstand Michelle Trachtenberg, the most annoying actress in the history of evolved humanity, on Gossip Girl, even for a single episode? Will The Office ever be as good again, or are we doomed to watch the slow decline into scenarios so humiliating it is completely unwatchable? Is Dean really going to die? Will Lyla and Tim get back together, and if they do will it work? Why, oh why, is there even talk of a Justin/Rebecca romantic story line on Brothers & Sisters? I just do not think that there is any way they can write such a thing so that it does not feel incestuous and gross. Is it just a matter of time before Wayne and Dahlia split up? Are there really no humans, just Cylons? Can I actually, as just one woman, do anything to stop the horror that is Grey's Anatomy? Is Smallville a good argument for physician assisted suicide?

Before this gets too dark I am going to take a breath, find something online to occupy my time, and wait it out until 7:30.

The TV Girl


Luke said...

Is Sarah Chalke really the mother?

Nice post!

The TV Girl said...


I don't know, I mean they are doing everything they can to set it up for us to think that she is the mother, but she is a "name" guest star, so it seems really unlikely. But that would be really cool, because I liked her character and she is great when she is not being super annoying (aka Eliot). And it would be kind of interesting that there is another kid besides the two they always show. I just don't know, but I want to.

Asiankp said...

ha. movies at work...thats a good one.
As for The Office...well, lets hope it returns to form. I also think that having a spin-off of the Office would be horrible. Why dont the writers/producers just focus on having one awesome show rather than splitting the brain power and having two semi-decent shows. This happened in the case of Greys Anatomy and with the spinoff Private Practice, Grey's got worse and started sucking much more than it already sucked, but you get the idea. it went from a cringe show to a puke all over myself show. Anyway...sorry for the rant. and what show will sarah chalke guest star on? I missed that...I remember seeing her in her first movie ever called "City Boy" with Neve Campbell's little brother...hahaha.

Asiankp said...

PS. HI LUKE!!! Hope things are going well and that wedding planning is smooth. I hope this is the Luke that I'm thinking of...

The TV Girl said...

Sarah Chalke guest stared on How I Met Your Mother two episodes ago as Stella, Ted's new girlfriend. And that is the Luke you think it is.

I completely agree about The Office spin-off idea, It will be the end of The Office if they do it.

But Grey's Anatomy was crap anyway, and I watch Private Practice for Chris Lowell, so we will have to agree to disagree on this issue. Except that I am right.

Neve Campell has a little brother who is an actor? Isn't there some kind of screening process for this profession?

Asiankp said...

Sooner or later you will come to see the light...Chris Lowell is annoying although I think he has a fabulous body.
and for sure, she has a brother in the business. his name is Christian Campbell and he actually starred with our favorite K Bell in Reefer Madness.

The TV Girl said...

Did I say I watched him for his talent?

Asiankp said...

No you didnt but I cant let you have the last word. By the by, what ever happened to Neve Campbell?

Luke said...

Hi KP! I hope everything is going well with you! Wedding planning stuff is going great!

For the Sarah Chalke discussion... I think I am really, really hoping she is the mother, I really enjoyed her on the show. I'm wondering if she definately would have been if they didn't get renewed (which was a possibility until that episode), but now since they have extra time, its hard to say...

The Office... I agree, the spinoff is such a horrible idea. I'm very disspointed by it. Also it looks like they are going to do a lot of hour episodes again too... did they learn nothing? Sigh!