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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gossip Girl (7.5): What Did Serena Do?

Really, what did she do? What is so terrible she thinks Chuck will judge her? Ah, I know I have to wait until the next episode, but it is going to be such a long wait. I do not like secrets.

But something that is out in the open that I adore: Nate and Vanessa! I kind of feel sorry for the confused look on Dan’s face, but Nate and Vanessa are ridiculously cute, without being sappy. He laughed more with her in this one episode than I think he has the entire series. She is a good enough person to apologize when she knows she is wrong, he wants her to have options in her future. They are wonderful together. And maybe seeing Nate happy will encourage Blair to return to where she belongs: with Chuck.

Serena is right, at some point Chuck and Blair have to settle their issues. Soon, please? Anyway, despite the fact that he is doing it in the totally wrong (and sort of illegal) way, Chuck seems to be taking his role as brother seriously. Would Chuck have been different if he had grown up with siblings?

Maybe Dan could get some advice from Chuck on proactive involvement. Jenny is acting like a class act brat and running full tilt towards the dark side, so this is not the time for Dan to be too distracted by girlfriend and school. Jenny stole a dress from a friend’s home, pawned the dress, then she stole it back from the shop she pawned it to. That is not “one mistake.” Actually, it is three mistakes. And considering how much that dress was worth, her actions were fairly serious crimes. But she does not seem to be grasping the enormity of her choices. Rufus (who should not wear a mandarin collar ever again) has my full support to punish her for a few more seasons. But I will be honest; if someone showed up on my doorstep with a bag full of hotdogs I would probably be more lenient too.

Jenny is not Dan’s only blind spot. The dog ploy, really? Is this kid some kind of stupid? Rule of thumb: when you see Michelle Trachtenberg, your best bet is to run before you get annoyed to death, or like in Serena’s case, drugged. Funny how Georgina was just a drunk version of Dawn: manipulative, selfish, pathetically desperate for attention and validation, horribly attired to be trendy but it is ultimately unfaltering. Blair fills the scheming quota for this show; Georgina needs to go back to the Continent.

Anyone else excited for next week’s big reveal that is not actually a surprise? I am.

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