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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: Pressing Questions from "One of Six"

As I said earlier, “Six of One” raised/highlighted some very important questions beyond the two obvious ones we have been pondering since the Season Three finale. These are the kind of questions about which we can kind of speculate, but it seems that we will really have to wait until the show feels like revealing itself to us. So:

How long have the humanoid Cylons existed?

Who are/were the “original Cylon programmers?”

Are they the Final Five? Or just the Final Cylon?

Why are the Known Cylons programmed not to think about the Final Five?

Is the Six who rationalized the Centurions Gina Six who blew up Cloud Nine?

Why is Sharon/Boomer model number Eight? Unless I am mistaken, the Known Cylons are numbered One-Six and then Eight, so why skip Seven?

Will Caprica Six start to see her Baltar-projected-self in her own projections instead of her projected-Baltar?

Is Tory having a nervous breakdown? (Okay, this is maybe not a pressing question, but could become a big issue.)

As I write these questions I am coming up with all kinds of possible answers, but I just want to put the questions out there for now. We have plenty of time, and we need more information.

The TV Girl


Julia said...

Excellent episode. I agree that the number Six is Gina. except - how far from the resurrection ship can a cylon be and still be able to download? If she had downloaded, why didn't we see her on New Caprica? Just asking.

Julia said...

The brunette Six is Gina, right? Do we know for a fact that the the six know models are numbered 1-6? Have Simon, Doral, and Leoban been called by number? Excellent episode anyway.

The TV Girl said...

Those three dudes have been called by numbers, but it always slips away from me. I think Leoban is Two, Simon is Five, and Doral is Four.