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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Tree Hill (5.5): I Draw The Line At Relay Readings of Hallmark Cards.

Aside from some initial fist on face action, this was a talking episode. Despite the torturous dialogue and the angsty overly-determined attitudes (hate to say it, but sometimes things in life just don’t work out), last night’s episode was one of those good hours of TV that sifts everything out that has been blown around by the (drama) storm.

For episodes like this, a summary is as affective as commentary. The whole episode was about evaluation of circumstances, so these are the circumstances.

Even though it is difficult, Peyton is willing to wait for Lucas. But she decided, with some help from her favorite (former) record storeowner, to still be the person she is. She is going to keep the car she loves and listen to music and run her business. I do not know what I would do if Peyton really sold her car. It would be like a whole different show.

Lucas on the other hand, with some help from his mother’s boyfriend, decided to go to New York for the purpose of winning Lindsay back. He hopes that editing his second novel together with repair their relationship. Count me as one vote for not going to happen. The book made her realize that she needed to leave him at the altar, so why would more time with said book help matters?

But according to their therapist, Nathan and Haley are going to be fine, that is if they reincorporate the things that they love (basketball and music) into their lives, which the end of the episode indicated they are attempting to do. It is as important for them to be individuals as it is for them to be a married couple and united parents. I have to say I was kind of astounded to here practical, good-sense, advice on this show. (Ten point to whomever correctly identifies the actress who played their therapist. Hint: she was a major character in an iconic 80's movie.)

And while their marriage might be on the mend, Dan is infiltrating his way into Jamie’s life, which has very little chance of ending well. Nathan and Haley should have taught their son not to keep secrets.

Brooke’s not so secret desire to be a mother hit a roadblock when she was rejected as a candidate by an adoption agency, because she is too young, single, has a demanding career, and her own mother committed total character assassination against her. I believe Brooke that she will be a mother, that nothing will stop her from getting what she wants, but I understand why the adoption agency would be less than enthused by her.

All in all, the Tree Hillers are not doing too badly. Let us see how long it lasts.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

Haha. I can't even watch this show anymore. Its too painful. I hope this is the last season.

The TV Girl said...

Your hope will go unfulfilled. I love how bad this show is.