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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Question

Sorry to be so random today (see post below), but something is irking me and I am wondering if anyone has any more information than I do.

If you have opened a web page lately chances are you have seen the banner for Scarlet, the "new hit series." Desiring more information, like what does it mean to be "the director of Smallville and Supernatural," I have searched YouTube, IMDb, and the series official web site. Guess what I found: more questions!

I found "the director." His name is David Nutter, and he directed the pilot episodes of both those series as well as many others. According to the self-serving press release on the Scarlet site, every pilot he has developed in the last ten years has been made into a series. But I only found out the names of his other projects by looking up his name on IMBd. He is supposedly the "king of TV" and I had to do all that work.

But, this is the only thing I can figure out. The trailer on YouTube/the official site looks like it is a parody or a spoof, not a real show. There is no network listed anywhere that this show will be premiering on, supposedly in two weeks. I cannot figure out if this is a real show or not and it is really bugging me. I happened to be watching the pilot of Supernatural over the weekend, and I thought to myself just how good it is, that it is one of the better pilots out there, so if this thing is a real show, there is a possibility it could be worthwhile, but every attempt I make to find out more information only leads to more dead ends.

Anyone know anything?

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

Hmm...I will investigage. Nothing like a good mystery to get Asiankp's gander up.

Asiankp said...

and by the by, i did not spell that word wrong. its a portmanteau of investigate and engage, hence investigage.

The TV Girl said...

Sweet word! And it is a mystery and highly vexing to me.