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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Riches (8): It Was A Different Color, It Could Not Be Real.

Before I get into the crazy joy that was Tuesday’s episode I have to pass along a criticism that was pointed out to me by my friend Jennie. If a show is pursuing a baby-plot with an actress who is not actually pregnant, it is stupid of them to point out to the audience the fact that the actress was never pregnant by putting her in a belly-shirt. While some women loose the baby weight quickly, Ginny’s muscles definition screamed “I go to the gym every day and have not gestated another human being recently.” I promise that she can be just as trashy in shirts that cover her abdomen, so let us hope the costumer learns his/her lesson.

Back to business. I am going to say it and not even defend my statement: Dahlia did not turn herself in for parole violation. Moving on, there are not enough forks in the world that could be stuck in enough places in Dale to make me even slightly less irate. And as repulsed as I am by Dale, I am furious with Wayne. I thought that by taking a day and letting myself process I would be able to discuss this episode sort of rationally. Well, all I have gotten is angrier.

Dahlia is the great love of Wayne’s life; wife of many years, mother of his children, partner in crime. He finds out that Dale threatened her, choked her, and tried to drown her, and he reacted without even a glimmer of anger, or outrage, or protective instinct. That is bullshit. Yep, I said it, bullshit. He is not giving her a better life; hell, he is not even giving her a life equal to their Traveler days. One presumes that back before the Rich-con Wayne protected his family, kept them in relative safety. One assumes he would not let some sub-prime dirt-bag like Dale even talk about hurting Dahlia. For money he rolls over and tells her to deal? Cael is not pulling any punches, and I commend his honesty. But is his son’s dismissal enough to make Wayne see that he is not pretending to be an asshole, he is one. (I have no doubt that this show will find a way for Wayne to win my heart back, but right now I am pissed.)

And speaking of being pissed, so, I was wrong on my theory about the prison dude’s identity. Now the interesting question is why does a man who has been in prison for twenty years have a grudge against Wayne? And, is there a relationship between his dislike of Wayne, Ginny’s dislike of Wayne, and Ginny’s father’s murder?

To end this on something of a happy note, Sam started a new mural! This one seems to be about his desires for his family’s future, rather than a document of their past. Maybe Sam can save them all.

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Asiankp said...

Dude...Kristen was full of informative stuff today. I love it.

The TV Girl said...

I want her job so badly.

Asiankp said...

Lets move to LA and aline can be the actress and I can be the casting director and you can be the TV correspondent for E news.