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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Poem About TV

So what will I be watching this evening?
Not Grey's Anatomy you best be believing.

But why? You ask trying to be smart.
Because it's crap and Meredith is a tart.

And why waste my time, when for my viewing joy
Supernatural is all new, oh my wonderful boy(s)!


Asiankp said...

Beautiful poetry. I have not given up blog #2, I've just been so busy on the film know. Hahaha...kidding, I have some stuff written for it but I just have to post it.
Also, funny story...I was an extra in a film today starring Odette Yustman...dont know her...well she was in a little show called OCTOBER ROAD. was so funny and I laughed inside when I saw her because if she only knew how much I abhore her show. I dont know, it was funny to me.

The TV Girl said...

That is too funny! I think she might have spontaneously combusted if she knew how much you hate her show. I am going to laugh about this for a couple days.
I am glad your working, that is wonderful, even if it means that I have less of your wit to enjoy.