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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How I Met Your Mother (8): Ted and Barney Broke Up!

I can’t stand it, really I can’t. To me, this is like when Season Three of The Office started and Jim was working in Stanford. Actually, this might be worse.

I am genuinely interested in the dynamics of male friendship. This doesn’t not mean I want a full recitation of the bro-code, rather I am amused by the idea that there is such a thing. From a female perspective, close male friendships seem inscrutable; we are as confused by your ability to never talk as you are by our ability to always talk. It looks like so little is said between bros that it easily looks like nothing is going on.

But between Ted and Barney there was a lot, and now it is in shambles. Because of just how guilty Barney felt, it all seemed so sad when Ted left Barney behind. That is probably the first time he has felt real remorse for his actions but because Ted made one of the fatal mistakes of human interaction (“yeah, but the would never do that to me”), he can’t/won’t give Barney a chance. But, I am not a bro. Maybe Ted is justified.

Marshall and I have a similar approach to job hunting. Good to know I am not the only one waiting for the magic phone call and willing to accept anything that comes along.

So, sometime in the next year Robin will be moving in with Ted?

I kind of hope we never hear the goat story. There is no way it can be as good as all the buildup and I like the idea that there is an amazing story there.

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